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* We fight around Cambridge with waterpistols.

* We only use toy weaponry that is both safe and non-alarming to the public; see the Serious Rules below for more.

* We have two types of rules: Frivolous Rules of Combat and Serious Rules . Another serious rule is that we fight entirely off university property.

* We announce our battles a couple of days in advance on our battle announce email list. Email cssw-cam-safer-space-waterfighting-announce-ownder *at* to join our battle announce list.

* We usually fight for around 2 hours every fortnight on weekends.

* Each battle has multiple rounds in which all participants try to achieve an objective: last one alive, Capture the Flag, etc. See the Rules Options below for more.

* Rounds usually last between two and ten minutes. If you've been shot you are out until the next round, unless the current round involves a resurrection time :)

* Some rounds involve Capture the Flag or similar (Bodyguard the Admiral against Rebel Ambushes, shoot the person wearing the Llama Ears...)

* We often take a half-way break for refreshments; for the Squash and in the Easter term, we will probably have a picnic with us.

* We have spare weaponry at events.

* You are welcome to bring your own weaponry but it must conform to our standards. Generally, all types of waterguns are okay, as are the lower-power foam dartguns (e.g. unmodded Nerf - excluding Nerf's Rival line - or Buzz Bee). For a better idea, consult this list. Anything near the edge of what is safe must be checked by an Organiser, and they always have the final say.

* As a Safer Space, we are inclusive toward all who do not harm others during, or whilst organizing, our safer space activities.

* To do this, at ours, a participant who says they are upset is believed without having to say why, with apologies and non-repeats of what caused it expected.

* The 'without having to say why' is so as to be properly inclusive toward people whose reason for being upset is a closeted one.

* We are a Service, and consider Service to be a higher ideal than 'success'.

* This activity is good for exercise if you wish to exercise. It is good to de-stress from work, and it is good so as to feel a sense of accomplishment and self-worth. It is a place that is friendly and safe, and anyone who repeatedly behaves contrarily to that in association with toy weapons is not welcome here. I.e. it is, immutably, a safer space above and beyond a toy weapons society.

* Fighting involves team-work and the occasional all-on-all deathmatch. We fight with 'one hit kills' rules; if hit by water, you're out until the next round. We run many rounds. Some rounds involve capturing flags and taking them back to your base. We change some rules as we go to ensure everyone present can do well in at least some rounds. For instance, walking-only rounds so that athletes don't always win, or equal weapons rounds to not overly favour the owners of expensive toys. 'One hit kills' means that people are usually only hit with a few drops from the outer edge of an opponent's fire. By this, we seldom get particularly wet.

The main Mayweek activity we are providing

... is running this year's Scavenger Hunt :

finding, acting out, drawing... items from a great big list assembled by many of our organizers :)

This is a) all of a Silly, Duelly, Bakey and Listeny CakeFaerie option, and b) a city-wide activity expected to contain other college/social/societal teams :)


CSSW's Rules

Some previous inputs and discussion of what these mean and how they work is available here: Rulesbuilding: Important Rules ... Rulesbuilding: Safety and Security Rules ... Rulesbuilding: Frivolous Rules

Disclaimer (this is technically part of CSSW's Rules).

Archive of previous Safer Space Events by CSSW or Similar

To join, email cssw-cam-safer-space-waterfighting-announce-owner *at*


* The Duelly CakeFaeries use the same ruleset as us for shorter smaller-numbers fights (usually 2 or 3 people) by mutual appointments at convenient times, and usually accompanied by exchange of cakes :) This is also a personal safety activity, and is only done off university property.

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