The Inner Half VIII was embedded as an Ambassadors' Picnic within the M09 Visting Generals Event.

Nefarity! This one was about ambassadorial protocol and not society meetings, so those who attempted to set up socmeets were in danger of getting ruleslawyered to death... Unfortunately, the only individual who seemed to know this (player-umpires, ah!) was terminated by none other than Simeon de Bolivar Pajarogrande, shortly after performing a callous gangland execution on the Orthoguayan Ambassador, Jaime Pechero.

There was subsequently a very nasty little firefight over the Ferrero Rocher trolley, which left everybody bar Simeon, El Generalissimo de Corquidicolandia himself and the also-notorious Guillermo "El Ptigger" Rieras dead. Some of the mangled heap of body parts were identified as belonging to Felipe Cuerpodehuron Cabeza de Caminador de los Cielos, Adan NarizdeSauron, Delicia Gracias, a certain well-known aristocratic Guild member, and "Cabezadepastel" Guillermez-Reyes

Cabezadepastel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cuerpodehuron . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Trinity College Foot Bagels were evoked, much to the amusement of the deceased umpire. No bun was scented for over the requisite period of time. Mr Bird snuffed it, and the other two had a fine rubber band flicking fight, eventually won in style by "El Ptigger".


[See the General's Event itself for the final ones].

3.1 In Round 3 "Ambassadorial Marquee" (ie killer Picnic), the only allowed weapons are flicked or thrown 3 or 4 inch standard bands and throwing/stabbing with Nerf Darts.

3.2 In this round, if you kill someone Licitly, they are permanently out of the round. N.B. Bearing Weapons is insufficient for Licitness. Everybody is allowed to kill the General, and will get one other licit target (a few targets will be particular bodyguards). If you get shot illicitly, you are released from the infirmery again 5 minutes later (this is so the guards can still meaningfully protect the general). Your non-general licit target is the Ambassador be on the back of your own peel-off Ambassador's sticker, which you will stick on roughly over your heart. If you kill someone, you are responsible for getting the back of their sticker if you desire to keep on having a target.

3.3 Protocol also dictates that you cannot kill people during an ambassadorial meeting, but that these cannot last longer than 5 minutes and everybody present must leave the vicinity of the meeting's tablecloth for the unsavouryness of no-man's land between meeting. Meetings are opened by the first audible and truthful declaration of which ambassador oneself is, and are closed by that same ambassador with the word "Corquidicolandia" or upon the 5 minutes being struck, by whoever first notices' firestorm. NB Ed N changed the words!

[These are roughly the same rules as for a society meeting and they enhance the capacity to eat a lunch's worth of the canapes, cucumber sandwiches and Ferrero Rochers.]