Duelly CakeFaeries and Cambridge Safer Spaces Waterfighting (CSSW) Rules

0 Introduction to What We Do

0.1 We fight around Cambridge with waterpistols.

0.2 We are dedicated to being inclusive of everyone who turns up to play in a safe and friendly manner.

0.3 We have spare toy weaponry that people can borrow at the battles.

0.4 We have two types of rules: Frivolous Rules of Combat and Serious Rules.

1 Frivolous Combat Rules

1.1 Basic Combat

1.1.1 Weapons We Use

1.1.2 How to mark people

1.1.3 Exceptions

1.1.4 Passers-by and Helpers

1.1.5 This ruleset is also used by Duelly CakeFaeries.

2 Serious Rules

2.1 Some of the most Important Rules

2.2 General Safety and Security

'Trouble', 'nuisance', ‘harmless', and 'at all likely to cause injury or material damage' are assessed as risk rectangles: (likelihood) x (consequences). For instance, consequences include how much material damage, and, among injuries, place much more weight on those which may be permanent: eye safety, traffic accidents... This means that some Safety and Security Rules consider very likely occurrences with relatively minor consequences, but also highly unlikely occurrences with very bad consequences. Suppose additionally that a group setting up a toy weapons society only thinks in terms of likely occurrence events and very bad consequence events, rather than in term of risk. Then they would likely miss out comparable risks which are ‘square': somewhat less severe consequences for occurrences that are unfortunately somewhat likely.
  • Remember that while you might know a weapon or action is safe, members of the public may not. Do not cause alarm.
  • CSSW do Not mark/shoot at/scare/annoy passers-by and always promptly and respectfully leave premises from which they are asked to leave. Look like and act like a civilized human being :) We do not cause any actual worries to passer-bys, by which our activity remains tolerated. Remember: the line of fire between you and your opponent includes the area behind the opponent that is in range also...
  • CSSW's activities are based on what happens to work whilst staying within the corresponding Friendliness Rules and within what the Public and the Police tolerate. And not on things like 'what looks good' or 'what better approximates real-life violent situations with real guns'. We are not about pretending the fighting is real and not about being realistic in any detail.
  • Be aware that both the security forces and the public are particularly easily alarmed at present. Avoid behaviour that may cause you to be mistaken for a criminal, let alone a terrorist: do not wear a balaclava or other suspicious clothing; do not unnecessarily bear weapons in public (to and from Events); remember that even toy guns can look real in the dark or on CCTV; where possible, do not lurk suspiciously; be particularly cautious anywhere outside central Cambridge, where university people and societal activities are less common.
  • In early 2020, an anti-terrorism barrier was installed in the centre of the city. Because of this, we have placed a blanket ban on any of our toy weapons activities occurring on the main street from Corpus Plodge to St John's plodge.
  • You are strongly encouraged to hoard opaque carrier bags and keep some in your handbag, backpack, coat pocket etc as very portable cover for emergencies, as well as usually keeping your toy gun in such a bag. You are also strongly encouraged to not use two or three foot long water guns in urban battles, unless you have the means and discipline to put away such awkward things when and where prudent.
  • At present, when we fight in streets, we never allow Melee Weapons or Rubber Band Guns.
  • No firing darts into traffic, or into the river, or within range of passer-bys. No littering by losing or leaving behind ammo...
  • 2.2.1 No-Fighting Zones

    CSSW only meets in terrains selected by experienced Safety and Security Officials, so it doesn't presently require a long No-Fighting Zone list. They'll mention any places within or next to the area in question that are No Fighting.

    2.3 Weapons Safety

    Don't use any toy guns that the Police, the Public or the Organisers consider to look like real guns. Don't use any weapons that bruise or are eye-unsafe. (We take bruising to mean that there's any mark at all half an hour after the shot or later). By both of the preceding, actual weapons, BB guns, pellet guns, Airsoft guns and paintball guns are banned.

    2.3.1 Water Weapon Safety

    2.3.2 Eye Safety

    As eyes are possibly the most vulnerable part of the body, a weapon's potential damage to an eye limits the weaponry we use. Wearing safety masks/paintball googles is not an option because, firstly, we fight in places which can have passer-bys, who then obviously don't have eye protection. Secondly, by choice. Other groups do that elsewhere (usually requiring motorized transport and fees). But our activity is free, uses nearby accessible public locations, where we use safe and unalarming weaponry well within what the public tolerates. This choice of setting, toys and being within what the public tolerates, is important for many of our Safer Space purposes and so is an unalterable part of our Society.
    Banned guns By one or more of the above, e.g. the Nerf Rival series (fire round balls faster/further than standard Nerf), the WipeOut gun and other Discovery Store products, the Buzz Bee Ultra Tek Sentinel, the Xploderz line of water-pellet guns and the Dart Zone Scorpion are disallowed.
    Banned ammo So are Stefan, FVJ, VTN, silicone-tip, chalk-tip or home-made darts, knotted or beaded bands, or any ammo/throwable modified to have stabilizer fins.

    2.3.3 Melee Weapons Safety (Melee weapons are currently disallowed here anyway)

    2.3.4 Banned Weapons