Also known as The Game of Surprises, as in ``Nobody Expects... the Spanish Inquisition?!?!"

COURSE SUMMARY, by Simeon Bird "This is a fake assassination game designed to hone indoor combat skills in a hopefully interesting and amusing manner. The Indoor Combat Skills Course has been in the core of Part II for many years, and in addition is an important research area. All applied mathematicians should have an understanding of the material on this course." *grin*.

And a technical jist: take a sealed-off Flat or House, everyone living within which is consenting to be used for (to date NWW) single and mafia assassin-attacks on an included subpartition "target room" (perhaps embedded in fake bystanders not to shoot, perhaps pretending to be lame, perhaps madly keen, perhaps in what turns out to be an enemy mafia HQ). Part of the point is that the assailant(s) don't know which of these things they'll get. It's important the assault and subsequent shootout are also within the sealed off Flat or House, so as to nullify Trouble. It's generally most fun if there are a few dozen "few second rounds" so that everybody can get to attack and defend a number of times, with more freedom for rounds to protract into whatever length of shootouts at the end in deliberate worst-possible case scenarios like "attack a corridor that turns out to be an enemy mafia HQ and there's no retreat as the bastards have no-force-rule-shut the only exit.

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