This consisted of:

``The assassin folk are putting on a number of good shows to choose from, and pick-n-mix! this Sunday! This is a brief pre-announce; if there is discord between this message and another coming from elsewhere that people playing this term are receiving, believe *that* message's details rather than this one :)

12:00 Meet on Queens Backs http://www.srcf.ucam.org/also/PicMap.jpg to find out how assassins fight! Indeed by the fun and practical approach of team battles. If needs be you'll be lent nice ranged toy guns here, both for the fighting and for The Bash (below). Run by CTF.

1:00 PubMeet at the Anchor! (pub opposite Queens Plodge, and so right next door to Queens Backs!) To just meet & socialize with the wonderful assassin folk *without* hurling fluffy toy penguins at each other :)

2:00 IncoBash!!! We'll form squads to go hunt the dozens of assassins in Cambridge that will shortly be being declared Incompetent! These are folks who've not been out and about meeting and killing and befriending targets, so now we'll go round meeting and killing and befriending them instead! So prepare for death AND biscuits, o all ye Incompetents!!!

The 1:00 and 2:00pm things are the day's main event, run by Umpire and Chief of Police. But feel free to come to all or any parts of this lunchtime-and-afternoon of socializing and assassination!"

The Umpire's note:

"The incobash is tomorrow! This is when the remaining competent assassins hunt down the freshly incompetent assassins!

All are welcome to join - we will be gathering at The Anchor on Silver Street Bridge at about 1:15. If you are incompetent and you show up to the incobash, you will be granted competency, so come along!

There may be a period of practise fighting beforehand at about 12:00. If you are interested, show up at the Anchor at noon, and you can join in.

In order to accommodate this, from 11am tomorrow to 2:30pm, anywhere on Queen's backs, or within sight of The Anchor, is to be OOB. So don't worry about getting killed by one of your assassins when you come along!" Punt versus punt. Often with people fighting on the banks also, since attacking the punts from there is advantageous. The punts are then used to ferry people from one bank's battle to the other. So this do be a game with lucrative desert islands. This is all totally hopeless unless there's resurrection every couple of minutes, since being on a boat or being trapped against the cam if not result in swift death.

We eventually decreed that being dead did not stop one from punting or paddling, just from firing. Without that, the footbridges in particular are impassible.

That way it is a boat race as well as a multi-fronted battle.

Another tip is for the punts to have dozens of litres of water each. Camwater can damage guns and is not a very nice substance to be shot with. Though people do occasionally fall overboard!

We often take a picnic with us for half time. This is kept in a properly dry compartment.

Serious rules: no shooting at or from bridges with traffic or on college property. The upper Cam is far better for this (from the Mill toward Grantchester).

Note: there are no bridges between the end of Lammas Land and Grantchester, so we don't usually go much further upstream than that. Helps keep us together if (usually dead) people can move between banks without needing to summon a pirate ship each time!

This event is traditionally held at the end of Mayweek.