1. Allowed Weapons: We will fight with Waterguns and Nerf Guns (toys that fire safe soft foam darts). Though do check each round's specific armament, as there's sometimes more and occasionally less.

2. Serious No-No's: No even vaguely realistic looking weapons. No even vaguely dangerous or unduly alarming weapons. We take one or t'other of these things to include Absolutely None of the Following. No BB guns. More widely Nothing firing anything at all like metal, stone or wood. No rubber pellet pistols. No nontrivially modded weapons. No catapults/slingshots. No form of actual bow-n-arrows (including No LARP crossbows). Nothing from the Discovery Store.

Semi-serious No-No: No rubber band guns either.

Frivolous No-No's (are safe but disallowed as unfairly large advantages or unduly ambiguous): No Shields (umbrellas or mediaeval or whatever) No MultiThrowing (i.e. no flinging multiple items in a single throwing action). No bang-kills. No ricochets.

3. Frivolous: A 1p piece's worth of water is a hit with a water with care gun (less that a foot long) and a 2p's is with a full water gun (more than a foot long).

4. Frivolous: Limbhits wound. Friendly fire counts. Blocking hits with weapons is allowed. Hand shots don't count if that hand is holding a gun, as it's hard to distinguish that from blocking. Nor do foot shots as shoes are hard to judge. You cannot abuse this rule by wearing boots: shoes end at the top of the ankle at most. Nor by wearing shoes on parts of your anatomy other than your feet, though that might serve to incapacitate your opponents with laughter! You can't use any part of any limb that have been shot for 5 minutes. As not using limbs makes for more hilarity, we'll have the shoulders and the arse count as limb parts.

5. It's a dispute if two people disagree over a fatality. This is generally discouraged; get good shots in! Also, you resurrect after 5 minutes, don't stress it! Benefit of the doubt lies with the defendent; the assailant can appeal for hits that aren't certain but not for hits that obviously did not land. People checking themselves or another for a claimed hit are immune from fire for the minimal amount of time needed to do so; This is not to be abused. Any remaining disputes are to be resolved by the Organizers.

6. Further serious No-No's. No force is to be used, absolutely no shoving or taking things from peoples' hands. This is so the little and the large can play together, safely and evenly.

No shouting abuse at opponents, regardless of disputed events, cheating or claims thereof, treason etc, nor in the event of there being a safety or security problem (like being complained at by nonplayers, or a player doing something they seriously shouldn't be, or taking a tumble.)

All in all, this Fun Assassins Event is only a game, and as such, should be played in approximately the same spirit that the Monster Raving Loony Party take towards elections. If someone shoots you, don't get angry - get even!

7. Serious: The way to deal with any safety or security problems that may arise, or breaches of friendliness such as the above, is to call CEASEFIRE! This stops play, and then people are to deal calmly with what the problem is.

8. Frivolous: If you die, the default is that you resurrect 5 minutes later. You cannot use the intervening minutes to locate or follow enemies but you can use them to run off and hide/reload.

9. Serious: Each round will either entirely be in an obviously appropriate area or come with a list of adjacent places that are out of bounds.

10. Serious: There is to be no inconveniencing of, or alarming of, bystanders. In particular, bystanders in range along the line of fire (including beyond where the two players are, as players can dodge but the public generally doesn't) usually requires temporary ceasing of hostilities.

11. Serious: There is to be absolutely no fighting across traffic.

12. Serious: TreeClimbing, WallClimbing and ParKour are entirely at each doer's own risk. You should certainly not attempt to do anything like this that you are not greatly familiar with, since having handheld things and being shot at does tend to make such things rather trickier than usual.

13. Serious: Players are entirely allowed to look like and act like bystanders up to the point they splat an opponent. This does not excuse anyone from inconveniencing or alarming genuine bystanders. This is so that not greatly fast, fighty or well-armed people can meaningfully participate, for such people are an important part of assassins and thus *very* welcome to participate. There are still plenty of ways of effectively defending oneself from suspectedly fake bystanders, like generally staying away from bystanders and noticing any who keep on following you/veering toward you as ones to particularly avoid... until they are incontrovertibly revealed to be assassins. Also, death ends pretense: participants who are shot are Not entitled to continue to pretend to their killers that they are bystanders.

14. Serious: This Event is not to be used as an excuse for any participant's behaviour; in particular do nothing unsafe to you or others or possibly alarming to onlookers or damaging of property; even more in particular, do nothing that breaks the Law. Nor are we responsible for any other groups of people wandering around with ponchos, Human Llamas or watercannon.

15. Serious: You participate in the Fun Assassins Event at your own risk. Be aware that there is the possibility of serious injury, as with all activities. While we try hard to minimise the risk, we are not infallible or omnipotent, and the possibility of accidents is there.

Thus we supply the Standard Disclaimer:

"By turning up, you agree not to sue us. We are not responsible for any damage or distress caused to your mobile, your mental or physical health, your worldly goods, or your goldfish."

16. Serious: All who abide by the above safety, security and friendliness rules are welcome to join in.


G1. In the Admiral's Game, you are given the Admiral's schedule, and your aim is to kill her-or-him (unless you are a bodyguard thereof).


1) At 12:00, she will visit the mazeland of the Mount Pleasant area, so as to figure out how to defend her palacesī front gates, and how to write even more convoluted speeches with which to "entertain" her subjects and political prisoners.

2) She will next test-exercise the prototype of WillBrooksoMorphic Terminator, extracted from Burrellīs Field, outside Robinson College at 12:45 pm.

3) Finally, she will search for the Fountain of Eternal Youth in the alleyways between the Magdalene Bridge and Jesus at around 1:30 pm, ending nodoubt with a face-to-face Ultimate Showdown on Jesus Green.

Oh, and then Jesus Green shall be filled with a joyose picnic (the backup location in case of drizzle being El Palacio Pirati-Presidential, *** **** Clare Colony.)

Note: compared to more archaic General's Events, this is a laissez-faire regime rather than sending out dossiers out beforehand of a specific general and guards. This is because certain people very dear to us, and deserving, aren't guaranteed to be able to make it, but, if they do, will be very welcome to be 'mongst the generals and guards. That's part of how Inclusion works...

G2. You are encouraged to fight among teams for position, and to pick different ambush points rather than to pile up into vast organized armies.

G3. You should not take affront at the general-and-bodyguards unit being rather stronger than the other teams, for it isn't competing with the teams, and, in any case, is likely to be rather heavily ganged up on.

G4. Serious: as an urban round, this has No Throwing, and the following list of Out of Bounds adjacent places. Out of Bounds is taken in particular to mean these are No Fighting Zones, including No Running and No Bearing Arms/Brandishing therein. It is also entirely your own problem, rather than the Fun Assassins Event's if you go into such a zone for whichever other purpose. This list is a slight expansion on where Killer things aren't usually allowed. 1) The main additions to that list are: Departmental sites and college property are Out of Bounds and not to be entered other than civilizedly, subtly and in the company of people with Cambridge I.D. You will know not to stray into such places because the Cam people on your team will tell you if you are about to. 2) All play will be outdoors.

[And the usual out of bounds list is -- and we're well aware that not many of these things exist that close to the area we'll be in :-) --.

Lecture theatres, practicals, laboratories, hospitals, libraries, museums, official places ot worship such as churches, mosques or temples, any place serving food.

Balls, Events, garden parties, society meetings.

Seminars, supervisions, tutor or DoS meetings and the like.

Persons engaged in 'serious' activities on the water, such as rowing or canoeing, are OOB. Similarly, they are out-of-bounds while transporting substantial, related equipment to or from such an activity. Punts are not out of bounds.

Anyone working in a real, proper job is out of bounds while at work.

The CUR radio station building in Churchill College is out of bounds.

The premises of government buildings, banks and building societies and the immediate vicinity of ATM machines are out-of-bounds. So are shops for this event.

Anyone in a car or other motorised vehicle is out of bounds and cannot attack or be attacked. Public transport vehicles are out-of-bounds, so are airports, train stations and the Drummer Street bus station (though none of these are anywhere near our event). Players on bicycles are in bounds, but please be careful only to attack if there is no possibility that you could cause an accident or injury.

Auditoria of theatres/cinemas and concert halls are out of bounds, as are any areas in which a scheduled public play is being performed or being prepared for.

Any persons performing/practising with fire poi/fire sticks/fiery juggling implements are considered to be have a rather large out of bounds area surrounding them which should encompass all those in the immediate vicinity who are primarily engaged in watching/teaching/heckling said persons. This is entirely a safety concern.

Organised sports activities are out-of-bounds. This will usually be taken to mean tournament matches at inter-College level or higher. This does not include impromptu 'kickabouts'. It does include pre-arranged training sessions of officially-recognised teams Non-spectating participants are out-of-bounds for the duration of the match and during any preparations immediately before or after.

Players working with or riding on horses are out-of-bounds.

The Cambridge University Wireless Society's Radio Shack is out-of-bounds.

Computer rooms are out-of-bounds.]