So Alicorn, Banshee, Chimera and Dragon challenged the rest of Cambridge to come and get them, and Elf and Faerie tried. % Elf and Faerie died. So Alicorn, Banshee, Chimera fought Dragon, Elf and Faerie and killed them twice over. % Then Alicorn and Chimera wiped out the combined force of Banshee, Dragon, Elf and Faerie, without casualties. % Then Elf got Chimera and Dragon, dying in the process. % Then Alicorn, Banshee, Chimera, Dragon, Elf and Faerie did an asymmetric 3-way in which everyone died at least once. And then team battles, including with sizeable restrictions such as walking only and no big guns for the strongest. This resulted in each dying between 2 and 16 times more.

Alicorn and Banshee fought many times, including asymmetrically. A won all but two times. A large number of people were caked in between rounds: Duelly Faeries, Silly Faeries, their and others' CakeFaerie Soc-Children and various people sharing pigeonhole rooms with various of these.

Banshee cautiously fought Griffin to victory, but on another occasion lost to the more experienced Hydra.

Imp, Jinn, Karybdis and Leprechaun refused a number of challenges, thereby forfeiting (but none the less three of them got extra cake).

Mermaid, Nessie and Octopus-Sprite - not cakefaeries but interested in fighting - didn't turn up at any point.

Alicorn and Banshee fought with Pixie, Satyr, Thunderbird and Unicorn in team battles, all on alls and flag captures. Thunderbird killed Alicorn, which is of merit since Alicorn died no more times and took out over 30 people and mythical creatures.

Alicorn, Banshee, Dragon and Elf fought a number of rounds, including 2 on 1's and 3 on 1's. Banshee won a 2 on 1. Alicorn won 3 out of 5 3 on 1's, as well as the Hunger Games round with unloaded Jolts and separated out dart piles only. It was Dragon and Elf who got Alicorn in two of the 3 on 1's. Alicorn and Banshee got the heavily overarmed Dragon and Elf on the various occasions that these tried to win 2 or 3 on 1's. On one occasion each, overarmed Banshee and Elf managed to get rid of two out of the three opponents, but only at heavy cost (e.g. losing a leg and/or all their ammo in the process).

Alicorn and Banshee fought a number of further times in a wide swathe of terrain from the Magdalene Bridge to King Street via Jesus Green, resulting in a straight set of victories for A. The King Street Colonnade proved to be the greatest point of resistance. That's good ground for smaller arms and smaller people.

Due to the nature of the activity, this is not necessarily a final list of encounters. Did anyone else duel anyone else?

Dragon, Valkyrie and Wraith supported the activity by storing stuff or lending equipment to mend some of the waterguns :) Thankyou.


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