Capture the Flag is a Battle-Assassins Society that, er, Captures Flags.

It has a nice and simple Ruleset and Weapons Rules (Winter Weapons Rules -- NWW subset -- being in practise much more about throwing).

Here are the main differences between it and the Assassins Guild Ruleset as regards Combat.

CTF meet every 2 weekends during Termtime. As well as the CTF game, these meetings often end with


Battle Royale II

For comparison references, here is Battle Royale itself, and

Typical account of CTF Rules for more than 2 teams

CTF Urban

CTF Indoor (Large Corridor Level)

Capture the Wig (Mini Spoof CTF, usually Indoors within a single room or flat

CTF also organized Plan 9 (.1) and Plan 9.2.

Plan 9.1 has some interesting scoring algorithms (and some nice geography).