The Important Rules Page already had some Safety and Security Rules, this one is about various more detailed things.

* Experienced Organizers choose the location to be well in bounds, and mention any places within or next to the area in question that are Out Of Bounds.

* In particular, university grounds are out of bounds, as are all places that 'assassins' considers out of bounds.

* CSSW is No-Force: not a game about physical strength or violence. There is no excuse whatsoever for pushing people around or forcing them out of your way. Most specifically, if someone is holding a door open or shut, you should not attempt to move that door, and you should never do anything likely to cause anyone (including yourself) injury. Nor can you use any strength whatsoever to grasp any weapon away from a person holding it. Anyone breaching this rule may find any subsequent in-game actions disallowed.

* CSSW do Not kill/shoot at/scare/annoy bystanders and will always promptly and respectfully leave premises from which they are asked to leave.

* In the unlikely event that you know or feel that there is a serious rules violation during an assassins encounter, whether safety/security related Or unfriendliness related, the immediate way to deal with it is to call out the word "SAFEOUT". This stops all play until all participants present understand why it was called and that the reason it was called no longer applies. This is the most important practical rule in the entire set: Any serious rules problem, immediately freeze play and nip it in the bud. (To LARPers: this rule is at least 10 times *more* important than your "Man Down", because it's In Public and A Safer Space so it covers a wider range of occurrences that need to be dealt with Immediately.) You are obviously Not allowed to ignore a SAFETY call, nor can you abuse the call for "game advantage" (e.g. simply to reload your gun!) The most common SAFEOUT is a fight coming up against sudden traffic.

* Raising Safety and Security concerns is never grounds for unfriendliness.

* Look like and act like a civilized human being :) - we do not cause any actual worries to bystanders (our nmae for all those who aren't involved in our activity), by which our game remains tolerable.

* We strongly recommend you carry your uni ID if such you possess, and to only take time out between rounds 'refilling' in college grounds if you i) can conceal the weapons in a stowed-away form and ii) are in the presence of at least 1 participant who has uni ID. At least sometimes we will supply crates of tapwater.

* Exercise common sense at all times. Players are entirely responsible for their behaviour. Friendly Assassins does not condone any course of action that leads to confrontation with people in authority. Avoid inconveniencing other people, especially Police, the general public, Porters and other uni staff. Safer Space Waterfighting is No Excuse to break any laws. Remember that while you might know a weapon or action is safe, members of the public may not perceive it as safe, and thus be alarmed. This is also very much to be avoided.

* Be aware that both the security forces and the public are particularly easily alarmed at present. Avoid behaviour that may cause them to mistake you for a stalker, burglar, murderer or terrorist: do not wear a balaclava or other suspicious clothing; do not unnecessarily bear weapons in public (to and from our Events); remember that even toy guns can look real in the dark or on CCTV; where possible, do not lurk suspiciously; be particularly cautious anywhere outside central Cambridge, where students are less common.

* BB guns, pellet guns and paintball guns are NOT allowed so don't even bother asking. Nor is the 'Wipeout gun' or any other model from the Discovery Store.