0) The Waterfighting. You participate in CSSW Waterfights and the organizing of these (collectively known as 'CSSW business' in this disclaimer) entirely at your own risk. Neither the Organizers nor any current or past Safer Space Custodians, members, or members of any other materially and/or morally similar Waterfighting and/or Safer Space Society can accept any liability for personal injury, loss of, or damage to, property or other loss incurred during its game. Nothing contained in the CSSW Rules should be taken as encouragement or permission to break the Law. By participating in, or being part of the organizing of, this society, you agree you are responsible for your own actions, and any consequences thereof. CSSW will not take responsibility for the actions of its members. Individual participants may not speak for CSSW (or any larger set containing CSSW) as a whole, and as such may not use our rules as an excuse for their behaviour. We have neither the resources nor the inclination to make the frivolous combat rules completely watertight. We do have that inclination with the Safety and Security rules of the waterfighting, the Common Decency Friendliness rules of our socs and the Safer Space Mission Statement. With the frivolous combat rules, although the wording carries precision stemming from thinking about common roots in many thousands of such waterfight encounters, your attention is drawn more to the spirit of these than to their content. The Organizer and Safer Spaces management will not be bound by the rules if they feel that someone is attempting to exploit a loophole, in particular any such that looks to be at odds with friendliness, safety, security or the Safer Space's Mission Statement.

1) Apologies. In the uncommon event of a person being substantially upset by another's actions during 'CSSW's activities or the organizing of them' (called, collectively `CSSW business' in this Disclaimer), they are upset if they say they are. An apology is then mandatory, insofar as refusing to apologize for badly hurt feelings is not friendly, regardless of whether what happened was deliberate. If you feel you can't contain your anger much longer during CSSW business, simply walk away. Calling "SafeOut. I must be left alone now." is probably your shortest path out if anyone follows your exit. If the substantial upset is over entirely allowed game actions (he killed me! he was already dead! there were two of them so it wasn't fair!), we will gently explain that in participating they consented to that. If one's upsetness causes one to be nasty during CSSW business business, one is oneself always among those in the wrong. People who really can't take harmless game actions even in Safer-Space Waterfighting should probably not participate - we do have other safer spaces hat do entirely different activities.

There is no reason any of the below should apply to any person who a) genuinely joins CSSW for its intended purposes and b) reads and abides by the Serious Rules.

2) The main point of CSSW is that it is a Friendly and Safe Environment, and this requires saying No to any person who is seriously or repeatedly or remorselessly unfriendly or irresponsible in our activities or the organizing of them. Any such will be required to leave all of Our People's Safer Space Societies. A fair proportion of such actions can additionally lead to the perpetrator getting in trouble with the authorities.

* For the wellbeing of our organizers and of all our other participants, we reserve the right to be free from any person that misconducts themself thus, by requiring them to leave our Safer Spaces. We also reserve the right not to admit anysuch person in the first place. That applies in particular to bullies or stalkers who don't just cause someone to quit a society/social group but that also then follow them to each subsequent society/social group that person then associates with. The buck stops here.

* No organizers turning a blind eye to such things, nor being clueless about, or spineless toward, what is covered by "covert bullying", "bullies can be male or female as can those being bullied", "wrecking", "stalking", "gaslighting", "mobbing"... Whether or not with 'cyber-' used as a prefix to 'pretend it's not so bad, or new'. A bully is a bully, regardless of how good they are at hiding it, regardless of whether the aggressions and abuses they peddle in are physical, emotional or social (ostracizing, causing fights/fallouts between people etc) and regardless of whether they do it in person or online. We're not having anysuch individual doing any of that at any of our Safer Space Activities, or as any part of organizing those.

3) Particulars relevant to CSSW are as follows.

* Breaking serious rules is much like receiving yellow or red cards in football. Making lots of attempts or kills gives one no more right to stay in a game after receiving two yellows or one red.

* Anybody who, during our activities, causes the police to get involved or who use physical violence or threats thereof, business will be banned. This is is obviously entirely different from Safer Space Custodians calling the police to free ourselves of a banned person attempting to crash or picket our Safer Space Activity. Though we note that the latter situation remains for now a hypothetical possibility, nor has anything we've had sole jurisdiction over the safety and security rules for ever involved the police or physical violence. Nor at present are we willing to co-run anything with non-Safer Space people, so everything that we currently offer has a track record of zero occurrences of any of this.

* Bans are also likely for anybody doing any repeats on: verbal abuse, shouting at people, receiving official complaints from university staff or sufficiently complaints from bystanders, refusing to apologize for real-life-upsetting behaviour, or looking to exclude any would-be participant other than due to this disclaimer's terms. It is possible for bad enough versions of these "yellow card" offenses to be given the straight red card of a ban.

4) CSSW Participants are Not allowed to: lie about occurences during CSSW's activities or their organizing, to any 'Organizers or Safer Space Custodians or anyone appointed by these people as part of investigating breaches of the Safer Space code or the Safety and Security rules of the Waterfighting' (called, collectively in this disclaimer, `the Management'). Or to impersonate any of these people, or university staff, or the police. Or ignore a SafeOut or a CallOut.

* If the context or consequences of anysuch lies or ignored calls are deemed serious enough, they could also lead to a ban.

* We also have the right to deem whatever combination we see fit of "being a serious rules breaker and somebody who lied to the Managment about serious rules issues" as bannable.

* Not having read or understood the rules is Never a valid excuse for violating the serious rules.

* Finally, this Disclaimer does not exhautively list all possible ways of getting banned.

6) There is no right of appeal against bans.

* If one is banned and would like to be part again, the procedure is that you just leave our societal activities alone till the next term, and then politely ask whether you could rejoin, whilst being fully understanding if that term's Organizer/Management says no.

* A banned person acting substantially otherwise is simply giving us genuine cause to continue to ban them.

* Any banned person who were to persist on mistreating our organizers or trashing our activities would be, plainly, a real life nuisance person unconsentingly trashing one of Cambridge's societies, and an openly-declared welfare society at that, and may well be treated as a such, eg by us contacting the police, the plodge or the person's Dean.

7) Because they protect a much needed Safer Space Service, membership of which is, quite generally, lifelong, the Serious Rules and Disclaimer are, in a particular sense, Immutable. We are a Guarantee of Shelter, and some of us don't have any other reunions we at all feel we can go to. The Management retain the right for parts of the Serious Rules to be absent from Public Space, all the better to protect ourselves in whatever climes. We reserve the right to not in any way have to restrict ourselves to the public sector of our Serious Rules or Disclaimers if ever under attack from anyone who means us harm.

History : We acknowledge between 10 and 100 people, most of whom have had quite enough of adult bullying problems ruining other toy weapons based societies, for the changes here relative to previous such publicly exhibited rulesets.