Guild Announce:

Hello everyone. Apologies for the lateness of this announcement, but it's time to flesh out the details of this weekend's Incobash! We (The Bad Horse Chorus,

[translation: that's the Guild police, from Whedon's famous creation]

plus any live players interested in gaining some competence) will be meeting in town on Sunday in The Eagle, with the strong possibility of moving to The Bath House (just next door) if The Eagle too busy. Whether you're police, or just a keen player, join us for a day of social assassination! We'll be meeting from 11am (when the list will also go up online), with teams being formed and copies of the incompetence list being given out, with us setting course fairly promptly at 1pm. Loaned weapons will be available to police players. We'll be going in an out of colleges all day, so anything you bring needs to be concealable. An important note: any live players joining the incobash will be under a *binding* alliance so there will be no risk to live players of betrayal - that said your inco targets, and assassins not on the bash are still quite capable of killing you. In addition, both pubs and the vicinity of the street outside them will be OoB 10am-3pm. Finally, if you unable to make the rendesvous, contact us on {REDACTED_MOBILE_NUMBER] and we'll give you directions. I believe that is all for now

Our announce:

We take the attitude that what we are really doing is 'meeting passive players in order to offer them biscuits.' :) That we shoot them between the meeting and the biscuits is, to us, incidental. We'd also like to ask them how they're doing, and whether they have any feedback about how they'd get more out of the game and harmless toy gun clubs more generally. If such ask questions and these aren't already on the FAQ, tell us/Douglas, for the assassins 2014 FAQ is a work in progress and indeed hoping to expand in this manner. (Passive participants are valued here.) All in all, we are the the Police Biscuiteers :) You know, like Athos, Porthos and Aramis, but with waterguns in one hand and packets of biscuits in the other :) All for one and one for all!!!

For results: see the 'pile of corpses' from the first weekend in November :)