Currently Battles are run by Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting (CSSW) according to these Rules

These are multiple rounds of 'first hits kill' with harmless toy weapons between teams.

They differ in terrain: open ground or urban. They are all off university property.

Urban allows for more ambushing, sneaking and escaping elements.

Some rounds have additional rules such as walking-only.

Some rounds have additional scenery such as flags, 'dignitaries' in hats with 'bodyguards' etc.

A different society, Capture the Flag, used to exist. Its battles were particularly overt.

CSSW's direct ancestor societies ALSO and Aurors ran battles too; these were both also Safer Spaces. ALSO's concentrated on the subtle, such as Sneaking. Aurors' sometimes involved more advanced tactical features, including much smaller groups of Guerillas against Armies.

CSSW currently caters for all of these types of battle. When many new people are expected, we fight on open ground. Subsequent weeks we do urban, where people are free to use ambush, sneak and escape as well as overt fighting. Some battles are furthermore tactically themed: woods, bodyguards, escapes, hit and runs...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Battle Societies
of Cambridge over the years
. . . .
Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting All Souls Assassins Service (ALSO) Capture the Flag (CTF) Aurors' Office

A very long time ago, before any of the above had battles, there were already tournaments: team rounds and all on all rounds with a variety of types of weapons, terrain and rules.

The Mayweek 2014 "Hunger Games" battle was along the lines of soome such tournaments