This webpage covers not only CSSW itself, but also many of Cambridge's other harmless toy weapons and/or Safer Space societies' events and history, and their relations to yet further societies...

It is in reverse-chronological order, since many people want the see the most recent first.

[The numbers in stars indicate that order more precisely. So if you're interested in the history, scroll to the bottom and read items *0* to *24* in that order, noting that *14*, *15* and *16* have 2 entries :) We're now starting to build an expanded chronologically ordered version here!]

Events and socials marked `CSSW' are General-Purpose Safer Spaces.

Current Harmless Toy Gun Societies of Cambridge

Assassins' Guild Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting The Duelly CakeFaeries
Term-long city-wide. Fortnightly weekend 2-hour battles, off Uni property. 10 to 30 minute duels by appointment, off Uni property
Not a Safer Space, not run by us. Is foremost a Safer Space Meet Safer Space + Personal Safety Instruction



Type of Killing Event or Social Term/Year Formal Killing? Society running it
Guild Duel and Free-For-All Battle Mich 2016 yes Guild
CSSW and Duelly CakeFaeries' Team Battle Mich 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
Guild Pre-Incobash Battle Mich 2016 yes Guild
CakeFaerie Duelling Mich 2016 yes CakeFaeries
CSSW and Duelly CakeFaeries' Urban Battle Mich 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
Guild Battle and Roomstorming Event Mich 2016 yes Guild
CSSW and Duelly CakeFaeries' Battle Mich 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
CSSW and Duelly CakeFaeries' Squash Mich 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
Knives in the Dark IV (Guild Event) Easter 2016 yes Guild
Off-duty CSSW Organizers on Guild Turf: Mayweek Special: 12 Tasks of Hercules Killing Event! Easter 2016 yes On Guild, by CSSW, next to: CakeFaeries, CSSW, TolkienSoc
CSSW + Duelly CakeFaerie Guerrillas versus Army Easter 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
CSSW + Duelly CakeFaerie Guerrillas versus Army Easter 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
CSSW + Duelly CakeFaerie Urban Battle Easter 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
CakeFaerie Duelling Lent 2016 yes CSSW, CakeFaeries
End of Term Battle Lent 2016 yes CSSW
Guild Duel: with a few opportunities for spectators and umpire to have fights too, and the Chocolate Tray Cat Lent 2016 yes Guild
Pre-Bash Battle Lent 2016 yes Off-duty CSSW organizers, followed by the Guild 'Inco-Bash' alias meeting, killing and offering cookies to passive and part time players
Master and Margarita Visiting Devil Dignitaries Event Lent 2016 yes CSSW
End of Term Larger CakeFaerie Duelling Michaelmas 2015 yes CSSW
Urban Battle Squash Michaelmas 2015 yes CSSW
Suburban Battle Squash Michaelmas 2015 yes CSSW
Second Battle Squash Michaelmas 2015 yes CSSW
Battle Squash with Vanilla Cheesecake! Michaelmas 2015 yes CSSW
Mayweek battle Easter 2015 yes CSSW in collaboration with the Assassins' Guild
Mayweek battle Easter 2015 yes CSSW in collaboration with the Assassins' Guild
CSSW were at the Mayweek GeekSoc party Easter 2015 yes Multiple
Visiting Admiral's Event on Safer Spaces' Reunion Day Easter 2015 yes CSSW
Suburban warfare! Lent 2015 yes CSSW
Street Ambushes! Lent 2015 yes CSSW
Battle on an open green Michaelmas 2014 yes CSSW
Urban Fighting Michaelmas 2014 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2014 'Incobash'/'Meeting and Biscuiting Passive Players' Michaelmas 2014 yes Assassins' Guild
Michaelmas 2014: Battle on Lammas Land, with visiting Admirals! Michaelmas 2014 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2014: Two Assassins Squashes at the Granta Michaelmas 2014 yes Assassins' Guild
Michaelmas 2014 CSSW Battle Squash Michaelmas 2014 yes CSSW
Mayweek 2014 End of Game Pirate Punting Event and Social Mayweek 2014 yes Part of Mayweek Assassins, albeit not scoring toward that, run by a former guild umpire.
Lammas Land and Woodland Battle: see Wednesday 12:00 entry here and Social Mayweek 2014 no Part of Mayweek Assassins, run on assassins turf by off-duty CSSW organizers.
Humans versus Zombies Event See here for what an HvZ Event is... Mayweek 2014 yes Part of Mayweek Assassins, run by a former guild umpire.
Hunger Games Battle Event: see Sunday 16:30 entry here Mayweek 2014 yes Part of Mayweek Assassins, run on assassins turf by off-duty CSSW organizers.
Safer Space Waterfight and Picnic Mayweek 2014 yes CSSW
Easter 2014 Start of Term Visiting Admiral's Event, involving how to take advantage of vegetation Easter 2014 yes CSSW
End of term Duel: outcome is reported here Lent 2014 yes Assassins' Guild
Lent 2014 Swashbuckling: Waterfighting Duels Club Lent 2014 yes CSSW
Lent 2014 Alleyland waterfight 2 Lent 2014 yes CSSW
Lent 2014 Alleyland waterfight 1 Lent 2014 yes CSSW
Lent 2014 Inco-Bash Lent 2014 yes Assassins Guild
Lent 2014 Start of term Battle Lent 2014 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 End of Term Battle Michaelmas 2013 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 End of Term Duel Michaelmas 2013 yes Assassins' Guild
Michaelmas 2013 Alleyland battle Michaelmas 2013 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 Police Biscuiteering Division as part of Assassins Guild 'Inco Bash' (meeting and killing hitherto inactive new players, and, in our case, then offering them biscuits, truffles). Michaelmas 2013 yes Assassins' Guild, CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 sparring session Michaelmas 2013 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 Start of Term Battle SQUASH Michaelmas 2013 yes CSSW
Michaelmas 2013 Squash Michaelmas 2013 yes Assassins' Guild
Several Picnics with Battles and a Fenland Fight Easter 2013 yes CSSW



IncoBash or Police Biscuiteering . . . Battles . . . Tournaments . . . Sparring (including Challenge the Black Knight and CSSW Duelling Club) . . . Capture the Flag . . . Capture the Flag (Urban) . . . Capture the Flag (Indoor) . . . Visiting Admiral (or General) and the Latest Rules for Admiral's Event . . . Hunger Games . . . Piracy . . . Humans versus Zombies . . . The latest rules for Societal Killer Picnics . . . RoomStormer . . . Trench (Mediaeval) . . . Trench (Wild West) . . . ***RECENT TROVE: PREVIOUS INDEX OF RULES VARIANTS, TO BE COMBINED WITH THIS ACCOUNT!***


Assassins' Squash . . . CSSW Squash . . . Start of Game Party . . . Pre-Incobash Pubmeet . . . Post-CTF Pizza Meet . . .

Societal Killer Picnics and Piracy are also part social (eg non combatent boats, getting out of boats for a half-time picnic or having an OOB picnic area in a killing event.

This gives some idea of the scope and flavour of future killing events too, though wonderful creative people are always considering new types of Killing Event. If you have a nice idea for one, you are welcome to contact some of our organizers at CSSW and/or the Guild.



*18* Rocksoc was the setting for many Assassins and ALSO socials and joint socials in 2007-2010, and became its own kind of Safer Space from the late 2000's onward.

*22* The Duelly CakeFaeries were set up in 2013 as a duelling with cake exchange appointment off Uni property only, as a type of smaller Safer Space meet and for personal safety instruction unto Safer Space peoples and/or their Allies.

*23* Nine Worlds (UK-Wide Convention) also acknowledged (in 2014) the presence of unwelcome behaviours in Geek/Alternative communities, and proposed a number of rules and solutions. This Convention is also a Pioneer in accommodating Social Anxiety in Geek/Alternative communities

*24* CUSFS became its own kind of Safer Space in 2014.



As well as the Guild, ...

*16* Capture The Flag (CTF) met around 4 times per term each term from M04 until L12. These were outdoor battles, mostly on grass, with a few in alleylands. Largely open fighting, over two flags starting in opposing bases. Motto: Death and Glory!

*15* All Souls Assassins Service (ALSO) met around 4 times per term each term from M04 until E11. These were gentler outdoor and indoor battles, sneakings and series of 5-minute society meetings within a location with kills allowed at meetings' ends and in moving between meetings. Motto: Nil Mortifi Sine Comitas (No Killing without Friendliness!)

*14* The Aurors' Office was ALSO's big-sister-society. Motto: Protego Comitas Securitasque Assassinorum (We Provide Safer Spaces for Assassins Purposes) . Everything marked ALSO or Aurors was also a Safer Space, or at least had Safer Space capacities for if required, in the case of joint events.

*21* ALSO has been replaced by Cambridge Safer Space Waterfighting (CSSW) as Safer Space Event Provider of this kind - involving safe and unalarming toy weapons.

*20* Capture the Flag having died out, some CSSW rounds also involve flags. Whilst CTF had Red and Yellow Flags, and then also a Blue Flag and a Flag Graced with an Ocelot, CSSW's Flags are currently Team Golden CakeFaerie and Team Asexual Pride :) (That's now outdated: there are quite a few further flags there by now!)

Here are the other societies' crests (2004 till 2011 period; mottos, links etc will eventually be added here).

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Assassins Societies
of Cambridge (2004-2011)
. . . .
Assassins' Guild All Souls Assassins Service (ALSO) Capture the Flag (CTF) Aurors' Office


Name/Number/Type Term/Year Formal Killing? Assassin Body running it
Another Afternoon of Assassins Fun Easter 2011 yes ALSO and UEA
Assassins Guild Formal Hall in Clare Michaelmas 2010 no Guild
Assassins Guild Start of Game Party at the Granta pub! Michaelmas 2010 no Guild
End of Zombies Game Party Michaelmas 2010 no Guild, ALSO, Aurors
Zombies Game Michaelmas 2010 no Guild, ALSO, Aurors
Battle with Guerillas versus Armies, followed by Nice Cheese. Michaelmas 2010 yes Aurors
Mayweek 2010's End of Game Party at The Bath Michaelmas 2010 no Guild, ALSO, Aurors
Piracy on the Cam X, including a half-time Picnic Easter 2010 yes ALSO, Guild, Aurors
Pre-Mayweek Urban and Woodland Battle Easter 2010 yes Aurors/ALSO
Afternoon of Assassins Fun , including Inner Half X, Generals VIII, a CTF and a Social at the Granta. Easter 2010 yes Aurors, ALSO and CTF
Assassins Formal Hall and bar aftermath Easter 2010 no Guild and ALSO
End of Game Party Lent 2010 no Guild, ALSO, Aurors
The Inner Half IX: Another Societal Killer Picnic Lent 2010 yes ALSO
6 Battles Lent 2010 yes CTF, Guild, ALSO, Aurors
Lent 2010 SOCIAL EVENING WITHIN ROCKSOC AT THE KAMBAR Michaelmas 2009 no, apart from unperceivedly attaching magnetic animals unto the thus-consenting subset of participants! Guild, ALSO, RockSoc
Sneaking Event Lent 2010 yes ALSO
Start of Game Party Lent 2010 no Guild
Start of Term Pizza Outing Lent 2010 no CTF
End of Game Party Michaelmas 2009 no Guild
Sneaking Event Michaelmas 2009 yes ALSO
Assassins Film Night in M09 Michaelmas 2009 yes Guild, Aurors
Fighting with Freshers Michaelmas 2009 yes Aurors' Office
Start of Game Party Michaelmas 2009 no Guild
Assassins Squash Michaelmas 2009 no Guild and ALSO
Generals Event VII Michaelmas 2009 yes Caius Mafia, Social Assassins, Aurors' Office.
Ambassadorial Picnic (Inner Half VIII, within Generals Event VII) Michaelmas 2009 yes ALSO
Piracy On The Cam IX Mayweek 2009 no Caius Mafia, Social Assassins, Poohsoc
Assassin Quidditch Mayweek 2009 yes ALSO and Guild
Challenge the half-dead Black Knight Mayweek 2009 yes ALSO
Advent of the CakeFairies Easter 2009 no Aurors' Office and ALSO
Sneaking Tournament: Bananas and Mirrors at the Market Lent 2009 yes ALSO
Sneaking Tournament: Newnham Lent 2009 yes ALSO
L09 Battles (10 in total) Lent 2009 yes Guild, Aurors' Office, CTF
Roomstormer after ALSO Mafia Family Meal Michaelmas 2008 yes ALSO
Sneaking Tournament: BackStreets and Borders Michaelmas 2008 yes ALSO
The Inner Half VII Michaelmas 2008 yes ALSO
Small Summer Fight Day Summer 2008 yes ALSO
Plan 9.3 Summer 2008 yes CTF, Guild
Piracy VIII Easter 2008 yes The Guild Socreps
Advent of the CakeFairies Easter 2008 no Aurors' Office and ALSO
Generals Event VI Easter 2008 yes Guild, with CTF/Sheilamaf and ALSO troops involved
Piracy VII Easter 2008 yes Socreps, ALSO
Examination in Defense Easter 2008 yes ALSO, supported by CTF and an independent organizer individual
The Inner Half VI Lent 2008 yes ALSO
Minigames [Tournament XI] Lent 2008 yes CTF
Series of Sneaking Events (Four, comprising Sneaking Tournament II) Lent 2008 no ALSO
The Inner Half V Lent 2008 yes ALSO
Plan 9.2 (Winter07 yes CTF
North Cambridge Consortium Group Fighting Michaelmas 2007 yes North Cambridge Consortium
Roomstormer II Michaelmas 2007 yes ALSO
The Inner Half IV Michaelmas 2007 yes ALSO and an independent organizer person
Plan 9 from Cannock Chase Summer 2007 yes CTF
General's Event V Easter 2007 yes Assassins Socreps, supported by CTF with ALSO supplying 4 Arsenals to the Insurgency.
Charity Piracy [Piracy VI] Lent 2007 yes
Mafia VI Lent 2007 yes IRC Assassins, Assassins Socreps
Knives In The Dark III (Freshers Only) Lent 2007 yes FresherMaf
Sneaking Tournament I Lent 2007 yes, but with no weapons ALSO
Tournament IX Lent 2007 yes ALSO ran it, supported by CTF and Assassins Socreps
World Domination Party: The Inner Half III -- Mayweek version Michaelmas 2006 yes Assassin Socreps, supported by ALSO and CTF
Freshers' Grand Tournament [Tournament VIII -- Secluded Outdoor Battles] Michaelmas 2006 yes Assassin Socreps, supported by ALSO and CTF
Knives in the Dark II [Killing + Finding Hidden Umpire in a Large Dark Secluded Zone] Easter 2006 Partly within Mayweek Game The Assassins Guild
Piracy On the Cam V Easter 2006 yarr Assassin Socreps, supported by ALSO, CTF
General's Event IV [Open-Play Team Ambushes, Afternoon-Long with Resurrection] Easter 2006 yes Assassin Socreps, supported by CTF
The Inner Half II [Fully Secluded Killing between Silly Society Meetings, Party-Long] Easter 2006 yes Run by ALSO; supported by Assassins Socreps, CTF and Sheila]
Mafia V: "WAMPIRES" [Open-Play Weekly Game With Extra Role Rules] Lent 2006 yes Assassins Socreps, following an IRC ex-umpire's idea
Challenge the Black Knight [Secluded 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 Sparring] Lent 2006 yes ALSO, supported by Assassins Socreps, CTF
Roomstormer [Fully Secluded Indoor Room Assault, Party-Long] Lent 2006 yes. ALSO and Assassins Socreps
Piracy on the Cam IV Easter 2005 yes Assassins Socreps
General's Visit III [Open-Play Team Ambushes, Afternoon-Long with Ressurrection] Easter 2005 yes An Ex-Umpire, supported by the incipient Socreps and CTF
Eliminate! [Open-Play Game, As Long As it Takes, But With Strict Targetting] Easter 2005 yes An Ex-Umpire of IRC Assassins
The Inner Half [[Secluded Killing between Silly Society Meetings]] Lent 2005 yes ALSO, supported by CTF, Sheila
Pirate Trench (Trench VIII) [Fully Secluded Indoor Barricade Shootout, Party-Long] Michaelmas 2004 yes ALSO and CTF
Over ninety CAPTURE THE FLAG Events [Secluded Outdoor Battles, bar 5 which were indoor flat Capture the Wig and 1 1/2 which were indoor corridor battles] these occurred between Michaelmas 2004 and Easter 2012 yes CTF, sometimes supported by ALSO and occasionally also by the Sheila and her Dog Society


*17* 2005 saw assassins' close cousin, Humans versus Zombies (HvZ), proliferate in North America. This is very important as regards a number of our previously hypothetical schemes actually being put to the test.

For instance, some US campuses actually banned toy weapons, for which situation in Cambridge the Golds had prepared rulesets called SafetyNets. Consequently we know that 24/7 campus-wide games can indeed be well played if the armament is reduced to either just balls of socks or just spoons.

Also the HvZ people successfully used social value arguments (see the Guild's Second FAQ for more) to prevent total closure of a number of such societies (a situation which in Cambridge remained thankfully hypothetical).

HvZ also explains the format of a number of subsequent Cambridge minigames and killing events :)

*16* 2004 saw the creation of CTF (Capture The Flag)

*15* and of ALSO (All Souls Assassins Service) as separate societies.

CTF was a new group conducting open battles, whereas ALSO was the continuation of Gold Assassins as a separate society, offering mostly subtle things like sneaking battles and killer picnics.

*14* In fact Gold Assassins continued from the below the form of two separate societies: ALSO and the Aurors' Office. The latter, much smaller in numbers, was dedicated to training Safer Space Custodians, who, in the 2004-2011 period, were almost all also assassins participants and killing event organizers.

*19* From 2011 onward, training Safer Space Custodians passed to Alternative Welcome, amounting to producing Safer Space Custodians for whoever needed them rather than just Safer Space Custodians for toy weapon related activities and for Sheila. This is reflected by the Aurors' motto being Protego Comitas Securitasque Assassinorum to Alternative Welcome's generalization by shortening to Protego Comitas Sequritasque (which we translate as "we provide safer spaces" to the preceding's "we provide safer spaces for assassins type stuff").

Name/Number/Type Term/Year Formal Killing? Assassin Body running it
The Michaelmas Battles [Tournaments V and VI --Secluded Outdoor Battles] Michaelmas 2003 yes Gold Assassins, the Umpire and IRC Assassins
The Miniature Killer Game [Fully Secluded Indoor party-long game, is predecessor of The Inner Half series.] Lent 2003 yes Gold Assassins
Mafia III "ALIENS vs PREDATORS" [Open play week-long game with Extra Role Rules] ] Michaelmas 2003 yes IRC Assassins
Trench VII [Fully Secluded Indoor Barricade Shootout, Party-Long] Easter 2003 yes Caius Mafia and Gold Assassins
Knives in the Dark I [Killing + Finding Hidden Umpire in a Large Dark Secluded Zone] Easter 2006) Partly within Mayweek Game The Assassins Guild
Mafia II [Open-Play Weekly Game With Extra Role Rules] ] Easter 2003 yes IRC Assassins
General's Visit II [Open-Play Team Ambushes, Afternoon-Long with Ressurrection] Layout Pictures News Easter 2003 yes An Ex Umpire, IRC Assassins and Gold Assassins
Mafia I [Open-Play Weekly Game With Extra Role Rules] Lent 2003 yes IRC Assassins
The Umbrella Tourney outside the Assassins Party [Tournament IV -- A Secluded Outdoor Battle] Michaelmas 2002 yes An Ex-Umpire of the Caius Mafia
Michaelmas Massacre [Open Play with Ressurrection: 5-day version of Mayweek Game within Freshers Week.] Michaelmas 2002 yes IRC Assassins
General's Visit I [Open-Play Team Ambushes, Afternoon-Long with Ressurrection] Layout News Easter 2002 si si si Run by the Caius Mafia and Gold Assassins, whilst supported by the large new population of IRC assassins
Trench VI[Fully Secluded Indoor Barricade Shootout, Party-Long] Lent 2002 yes Caius Mafia


*13* From around this point in time onward, there came to be an IRC channel called #assassins. This came into existence as an online meeting place for some of the players and ex-players.

Unlike the above event-organizing societies, channels are not societies: they have a different set of structural elements.

Societies have their own web domains, and tend to have many of their own: email lists, soc-stalls, committees, constitutions and so on.

Channels' mani hardware is an online forum, though some also have rules, moderators and so on.

These distinctions are more confusing than usual in the case of Cambridge toy weapons activities, because none of these societies accept committees, and some never had constitutions or pooled together to run common socstalls.

Furthermore, so far as we know, IRC has never had any rules or 'terms of use' or 'moderators'; what this particular channel has is:

- a detailed description of the computer procedures necessary to join the channel.

- a stats page.

For sure, both the above societies and the channel organized events and socials, each in their own way, occasionally jointly and quite often going to each others' activities.

Furthermore (especially to the past of this insertion), some of the college mafias were large enough, keen enough, organized enough to run their own events series. Hence add "Caius Mafia" and a few other such to the list of event providing bodies.

*12* Soon after this point, Live Action Role Playing (LARP) came to Cambridge. Its original name was Cambridge University Treasure Trap (2002) but in 2014 the same group changed name to Cambridge LARP Society. This activity also involves toy weaponry, albeit in a rather different setting and ethos from the assassins events described here.

This is somewhat confusing because at some other unis there is little if any distinction between the two.

In Cambridge, killing events involve what actually works rather than being a subset of role playing. People are welcome to privately imagine they're James Bond or persons from The Hunger Games, but this is not to translate to using (or wanting to use) realistic replica weapons.

Nor is there a sense of killing events spending prolonged periods of time 'in character'.

Now especially as long ago as the early 2000's there were big reasons for this, including 'in character' actions elsewhere being used as an excuse to shout at people, cause actual distress etc.

In particular, because of this the Safer Space killing event providers said No to 'being in character'.

More recently than that, both the Cambridge Guild and Cambridge LARP have substantially cleaned up their rulesets, so this issue could well no longer apply.

A separate reason for the two being different stems from Assassins and most killing events being done in public, whereas LARP is done in hired places or fields with no bystanders.

Being done in public, what the public, the police (and if in college the porters) do not like has to be taken into account rather than just the tastes of the members themselves.

Being 'in character' in public can cause a number of further problems, which LARP addresses by not doing LARP in public and Cambridge Assassins addresses by what we do in public not being LARP.

Anyhow, from here upward the organizer bodies include IRC and some members of the LARP community also played assassins and were in some of Cambridge Assassins' events as one further group that is sometimes involved.

The below start of battle tournaments was in fact rather influenced by LARP, with some of these including rounds with LARP melee weapons and similar, as well as water guns. That's when Cambridge Assassins first met LARP people and compared our ideas with LARP's. Some of our and their weapons safety is similar, though our being in public means that we have a whole bunch of extra weapons non-alarmingness criteria, Out of Bounds areas lists etc.

We'll probably turn much of this block into a new webpage comparing these things. We don't currently have a such because Cambridge LARP have just entirely redone their serious rules, as have Cambridge assassins, and we'd rather the comparison between these include their present forms rather than just their 2002 forms from when these two cultures first met :)

*11* CakeFaerie-ing also originated in this period, as an activity during the Exam Term break from assassins whose surprise visits took on a more homogeneous form than the random silly objects and scribblings previously left by Sheila members on each others' doors. Where by 'more homogeneous', we mean cake! In fact, the ancestral CakeFaeries often carried surprise Ginger Cake, to the extent of being known as the SZS for a while (Societas Zingiberenifera Secreta).

Name and Type of Killing Event Term/Year Formal Killing? Assassin Body running it
The Third Garnettian Battle [Tournament III] [Secluded Outdoor Battle] Lent 2002 yes The Umpire, Caius Mafia, Gold Assassins, IRC Assassins
The Second Garnettian Battle [Tournament II] [Secluded Outdoor Battle] Michaelmas 2001 yes Gold Assassins
The First Garnettian Battle [Tournament I] [Secluded Outdoor Battle] Michaelmas 2001 yes An independent organizer, supported by Gold Assassins and the Caius Mafia
Trench V[Fully Secluded Indoor Barricade Shootout, Party-Long] Lent 2001 yes Gold Assassins and Caius Mafia
Harvey Court Hand to Hand Weapons Only [Part of Mayweek Game] Easter 2000 yes, counting as game-kills The Assassins Guild
The Cambridge "Jar-Jar Binks" Society [Was Piracy on the Cam III] Easter 2000 no The Assassins Guild. Within the Great Regatta organized by the Spanish Inquisition]
Assault! Easter 2000 no Caius Mafia, Gold Assassins and others.
Several Early Trench Matches: Caius Mafia, Gold Assassins [Fully Secluded Indoor Barricade Shootout, Party-Long] Lent 2000-Easter 2000 yes
Piracy on the Cam II Easter 1999 hitcount only The Clare Mafia
The Fitzwilliam Bet Lent 1999 No The Assassins Guild
An Almost Trench Match ! Lent 1999 almost-yes The 'Badminton Squad'
The War of the Penguin [Extra-Curricular Mayhem, including Piracy on the Cam I] Lent and Easter 1998 no The Pembroke College Winnie-the-Pooh Society, supported by the Pembroke Mafia and the Umpire vs the Sheila and her Dog Society, supported by the Central Cambridge Mafia
Pre-Mayweek 97 Waterfight Easter 1997 no The Guild and the Gold


*10* In the late 1990's, the Golds came to be connected with the Sheila and her Dog Society, in that these are the two ancestral branches of the lighter hearted society based Safer Spaces, the present-day form of which is here.

Cambridge Assassins' widespread and endearing use of Killer Attack Animals is one of the ways in which Sheila and her Dog's influence is still visible today.

Other such examples include the No Force Rule, the Consent to be Met rule, and the meaningful inclusion of Ex-Cam participants.

*2* and *1* Sheila and her Dog itself started in 1986. It is a Safer Space, similar in character to the "Whispering Woods" in the She Ra cartoon, which aired from 1985 to 1987.

Coincidence? We think not. She Ra has a Unicorn (which other genres would call an Alicorn. *Sheila*, on the other hand, has an Alsaticorn in some depictions. I.e. the cross between an Alicorn and an Alsatian Dog :)

Though Dogs of other kinds have been drawn over the years too, including as Steeds.

It's hard to tell, because Sheila was Closeted as regards its Safer Space nature for a very long time; the Guild has also been viewed as Closeted by some factions, due to its need to operate within what the public and authorities tolerate. Some of these factions have, at least since this union, regarded the Guild's cloak as an itself-Closeted Closet Symbol, a point which was only publicly acknowledged for the first time in 2016! (see Item * *** *).

So *10*'s late-90's union was of two kinds of Closet-Soc, and the fruit of this union was all kinds of Closet-Soc! [Eventually renamed Alternative Welcome and their CakeFaeries :) ]

*9* In the Era of the Serial Umpires (L97-E98), the Golds suggested that there be assassins events involving killing in addition to the End of Term Duels.

They also started a program of Assassins Parties, as a once per term Out of Bounds social without killing.

It is not known whether any of either of these two things occurred before 1997: none attending those knew whether there had been any such before.

The original ethos is "whoever is interested in running any kind of event or social, and does so friendlily and responsibly, is welcome to just go ahead and do so". Plenty believe that this ethos continues to be alive and well today!

This is like a people's republic, with direct representation rather than representation via elected (or elsewise selected) officials.

It is "voluntary contributions welcome!" without any of the "obligations or rigidity of society committees".

To this day, assassins has not succumbed to the falsely normalizing 'necessity' of rigid committee posts, which are based on presuming all societies are the same and on bureaucratic and political roles being 'necessary and important'. Rather, this activity is for those who enjoy this activity for itself, and for those who value the social wellbeing that follows from this activity.

A lot of different people find it enjoyable. And many value its 'meeting one person at a time in amusing circumstances' aspect and its 'what works better wins, subject to it being friendly, safe and non-alarming' aspect. The latter means not having to conform to an 'established group's sense of aesthetics', allowing for multiple social groups and individuals to play each other within the guild games.

*8* Gold Assassins value wider inclusion more than playing; the first known records of such concern taking assassins to a socfair for the very first time in 1994, causing game size to increase from 20-or-30 to 100-to-200 in Michaelmas games ever since...

*7* The Founders began to play Assassins as a society separate from CUSFS in 1993; this roughly corresponds to Internet use becoming widespread.

*6* Before that CUSFS played assassins games in Cambridge; so far as we know these started when Cambridge started to use email distribution.

*4* Before that, the Rules we started off with here (more or less) were used by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Assassins in the 1980's; for now, we assume that targets here were sent by internal mail (similar to our UMS).

*5* Also Terry Pratchett published "Pyramids" in 1989, prominently featuring an Assassins' Guild. Its crest had the cloak and dagger, a purple line sinister and some double-crosses. Compare the Guild crest: cloak and dagger, and the ALSO crest more extensively. This has Graduate Gown of Inclusion and Supersoaker in place of Cloak and Dagger, the purple bend and cardboard knives labelled with three generations of puns, from Pratchett's own #3 (#3 Throwing Knife), to Nif and Kife. Finally compare the non-assassin form of ALSO's crest, with the cloaked pink triangle of Closet-LGBT in place of the Cloak-and-Dagger, and the Double Crosses or Daggers replaced by the tripartition of participants into 'need safer spaces', 'there to help' and 'there for fun', as required to be genuinely approachable to closeted people of whatever kind (Closeted Survivors, Closeted Aces, Closeted Polys, Closeted Mentally Disabled, Closeted Eating Disorder, ...).

As regards Mottos, Terry Pratchett's Assassins Guild's is "Nil Mortifi Sine Lucre" (No Killing without Money), which was also the Guild's Motto in part of the 1990's. Compare ALSO's "Nil Mortifi Sine Comitas" (No Killing without Friendliness) which was more widely the Motto of Gold Assassins, and the subsequent non-assassins ALSO's "Nil Hilarifi Sine Comitas" (No Fun without Friendliness), referring to fun not extending to 'fun' at others' expense within a safer space. This can also be loosely translated as 'Here we only laugh with you, not at you'.

*1* Even before the MIT period, such Rules were formalized and widely distributed by Steve Jackson Games in 1981. These rulesets have a lot of attacks in them that are highly amusing but impractical and taking a lot of set-up time. These more closely resemble the boulder-and-safe, costume kill, and try-and-get-it-licensed-by-the-umpire aspect of our own game, which produces few but highly memorable kills. Bear in mind that these rulesets are no way near as adapted to campuses, much less our own campus, than our own rules are. That is because we listen to complaints and concerns raised by the bystanders amidst whom we play, and so have evolved to be particularly nonproblematic within the town and university that we do this in.

*0* The earliest games of Killer we are aware of, connected via the above moves to us ruleswise, occurred in the 1960's.